Like Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine is a natural and holistic system of health care being used by people all over the world to treat a wide range of chronic and acute health problems.  Chinese herbal medicine has also followed an uninterrupted course of development over thousands of years and in fact dates back even further than Acupuncture.  

Today, there are about 450 commonly used substances in the Chinese herbal repertoire.  While I also use Western herbs at times, Chinese herbal medicine is particularly powerful because of it's millennia-long evolution.  We have gathered an extremely thorough understanding of the therapeutic actions of each herb both individually and in combination.  These herbs are always given as a formula, not as a single herb.  Each ingredient in a formula is carefully selected based on specific needs of the individual patient as well as how the herbs work synergistically together in the formula.       

While I don't use herbs on every patient, I do find them extremely effective when needed.  At The Qi Cottage I only use the highest quality herbs and formulas which exceed the criteria for US good manufacturing practices.  

Herbs can be taken in pill form or as a tea, depending on what you're most comfortable with.   

There is no additional charge for herbal diagnosis when you are also coming for acupuncture.  However, if you do need herbs the cost of your formula will be in addition to the cost of your acupuncture treatment.