"Moxa" (also known as mugwort in English or artemisia vulgaris in Latin) is a Chinese herb which is often used in conjunction with acupuncture.  

At The Qi Cottage I use "direct moxa" which is traditional to both Five Element Acupuncture and Japanese Acupuncture.  It involves forming the dried and pulverized herb into a tiny cone which is then placed on an acupuncture point.  The tip of the cone is then lit and allowed to burn down just until the patient feels a warming sensation.  The cone is then removed and the process is repeated several times before needling the point.  The skin is never burned, just gently and comfortably warmed.  

The action of moxibustion is to warm and nourish the point prior to needling.  By potentiating the acupuncture point in this way, treatment is stronger and more effective.  

Many acupuncturist don't use moxa because they don't have time.  At The Qi Cottage I only see one person per hour.  This is so that I can give each person my undivided attention for their entire appointment and use whatever tools I feel will serve them best, including moxibustion.