Chinese Medicine


The human body, like all living things, is an incredibly effective self-healing organism.  The elegant dance taking place inside you at all times, with no conscious effort on your part, is nothing short of amazing!  In health, our bodies react swiftly and efficiently to changes in our internal and external environment restoring homeostasis and thus, health.  We all possess this powerful innate self-healing ability in abundance.  Our bodies simply know what to do and when to do it. 

When this fails to happen, when discomfort and disease set in, it is because something in our body’s natural healing system is off.  The body is not able to perform its usual function of balancing and repairing itself. 

The approach of Chinese Medicine is to remind the body of its inherent ability to thrive.  We don’t add an outside influence to attempt to do the body’s work for it, we work to build the body’s own natural resources and ensure that they are flowing unimpeded to all systems so that you can do what you know how to do best, thrive!